Construction Progress

On Our New Home

Click here for more information on the Crosswater Community where our home is located.

April 15, 2004   We've closed and moved into our new home!  There's so much to do and so little time I really don't have any new images that look drastically different from what's already here. I'll try to get some new photos up of our occupied home once we get more unpacked.
Mar 27, 2004   New carpeting, lights, outlets, ovens and cooktop.
Mar 20, 2004   New landscaping, plumbing fixtures and finished paint.
Mar 08, 2004   Exterior paint, new millwork and fresh interior trim paint.
Feb 29, 2004  

New tile in the kitchen, baths and around the fireplace and a new finish on the hardwood floors are the highlights this week.

Feb 20, 2004

  First coat of interior paint, hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets and new driveway and patio

Feb 07, 2004


Sheetrock nearly complete

Jan 30, 2004


Exterior enclosed, basic framing inside